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Intern Elite was founded by graduates of top U.S. universities that have worked in the China education market for many years. As educators, designers, and entrepreneurs, we see a tremendous gap between the current model of studentship and professionalism in China. School can only go so far to nurture and develop students’ potential. We believe it is important for students to develop themselves through leadership, teamwork, compassion, communication, and community engagement.


Our mission is to provide unforgettable field experiences for students who want to become elite global citizens. Our programs offer didactic and experiential training, allowing you not only to expand your hard and soft skill sets, but also to find your passion through rapid experimentation. Moreover, you have the unique opportunity to work on professional projects and support business operations at local startup companies, where your ideas and contributions can actually make an impact.


Unlike traditional internships, our programs are designed to be short-term learning experiences that take students from 0 to 1. We will help you determine the best opportunities for your interests, skills, and goals and then secure your internship with a host organization from our extensive network of industry partners. We also prepare students for common business practices such as interviews and offer negotiations, so you can evaluate your options and get that dream internship.

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